Sidecar Overview

Professionals and first-timers alike will find their footing aboard the Sidecar: the new collectible of Fitzke Boards. With an average weight of 6 pounds, this made-to-order wakesurf board balances strength and simplicity like the classic cocktail of the same name.

As with every wake surf board in the handcrafted Fitzke lineup, layers of Lloyd’s Register marine-grade mahogany and carbon fiber are vacuum pressed together with epoxy to create the signature core structure before decking with stain and graphics – available in vintage looks as well as botanical styles that pay homage to lumber sourced from the Philippines. After high-gloss marine-grade varnish is applied, the finishing touch is achieved with a handmade, polished brass tracking fin.

As endorsed by a top-level professional wakesurfer, the Sidecar’s exclusive design, rail and fin shape offer performance, innovation, and nostalgic styling in equal parts. And it’s lightweight, cruiser/skim style design makes for easy upkeep, storage, and portability – making it a functional work of art for surf-seekers of all abilities.


Length: 54”

Width 21.5”

Thickness: 5/8”

Average weight of 6lbs. (Mahogany varies slightly in weight)

An everyday cruiser board